Record solar growth continued through 2017

Eight consecutive years of record solar growth continued in 2017, with total global installed capacity reached 143GW by the end of the year

Australia installs record number of solar panels

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator says a record 3.5 million solar panels were installed across the nation in 2017

Flexible solar panels get efficiency boost

Scientists at New York University have come up with a way to increase the flexibility and efficiency of solar panels

Teenage girls develop in-tents solar shelter for homeless

A dozen teenage girls in Los Angeles have developed a solar-powered tent to help the homeless. The team of students from the San Fernando High School were recruited by DIY Girls, a nonprofit teaching girls from low-income communities about engineering, maths and science. They received a $10,000 (£7,200) grant from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology […]

Good Energy to redeem first green bond

Good Energy has announced it will redeem its first green bond, which was launched in 2013, at the end of March. The renewable energy developer and supplier will pay back investors as it says the purpose for which the money was raised will shortly be fulfilled. The news comes after the firm sold its Newton […]

Sun shines on Ukraine with new solar investment

A London-based bank and a renewable energy fund have agreed to finance a 36MW solar plant in Ukraine. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and its partner, the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), will provide the capital needed to install photovoltaic panels on the site of a former chemical plant in the city of Lviv. […]

Girls rule the world – especially in African solar

Women are leading the off-grid solar energy revolution in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. That’s according to decentralised solar equipment producer Fenix, which says although women only buy around a fifth of its kits, they often recommend the product to more new clients and spread the world about the electricity resource more than men do. […]

Solar technology hots up with new storage tech

A thermal energy storage solution said to be 95% cheaper than standard panels linked to lithium-ion batteries has been launched. The project from United Sun Systems and the DoE’s Savannah River National Laboratory uses a 14-metre diameter parabolic dish covered with mirrors to focus the solar rays, creating temperatures of 750°C. The technology uses metal-hydride […]

E.ON offers customers ‘virtual battery’ for solar

E.ON has announced it is offering its customers the chance to store their own solar power, without having to install batteries. The energy supplier will allow households to store unlimited amounts of self-generated electricity on virtual accounts after feeding the energy back to the company. This means they can save up an electricity credit balance […]

Could solar sails be the shipping solution?

A new low emission ship concept uses rigid sails covered in solar panels to generate clean power and slash energy consumption, with the aim of cleaning up the polluting shipping industry. Eco Marine Power’s Aquarius Eco Ship design is being developed to allow large ocean-going ships such as oil tankers or cruise liners to harness […]