Met Office granted £20m to improve severe space weather forecast

Space weather, such as flares or winds from the Sun’s surface or geomagnetic storms, can damage British satellites and cause power disruptions

UK joins international research centre to tackle climate change

UK Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore signed the agreement with Portuguese Science Minister Manuel Heito to become a full member of the Atlantic International Research Centre

Space tech returns to Earth to fight air pollution exposure in hospitals

A patient-centred app will use space data combined with AI to deliver personalised, disease-specific exercise advice with pollution warnings within 10 metres

Technologies developed for space have a future on Earth

Cross-sector collaboration at a UK technology hub is paving the way for innovation

‘Journey to Mars will change how we live on Earth’

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp thinks it will help people appreciate Earth more and introduce useful new technologies

Pollution be dammed!

The UK has announced it will help developing countries tackle disaster relief, waste management and disease control using space expertise and technologies. One such project is the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, which plans to use remote sensing data to minimise the risk of tailings dams failures in Peru. Tailing dams are banks of […]

UK funds space-based environmental solutions

The UK Space Agency is providing £38 million in funding to use satellite technology to help deliver innovative solutions to global issues. It has announced grants for 10 projects, worth £38 million in total, which include work into climate change mitigation, forestry, carbon emissions reduction and disaster management. Leatherhead-based technology firm CGI received £2 million […]

Space-based mission aims to dodge solar flare damage

A space-based mission aims to set up an early-monitoring system for solar flares and geomagnetic storms. The European Space Agency (ESA) project, which will be led by Airbus UK, aims to put a spacecraft between the sun and the Earth to keep track of when the sun ejects material. This causes ‘space weather’, which can […]

NASA develops mini-nuclear system for Mars

NASA has conducted successful initial tests of a small-scale nuclear fission system designed to power a long-duration manned mission to Mars. Officials from the agency have said a full-power run of the Kilopower project is scheduled for March. Its purpose is to enable robotic missions and potentially develop colonies in space, which requires a power […]

US Air Force upgrades space-based solar

The US Air Force has developed new highly efficient, radiation-tolerant solar cells for use in space. The US Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) inverted metamorphic multi-junction (IMM) solar technology offers increased power efficiency at reduced costs and will be used primarily for military space applications. Each unit’s multiple layers of light-absorbing materials means it can […]