Space reflectors could supercharge solar farms

Researchers from the University of Glasgow have proposed the use of kilometre-wide orbiting reflectors to enhance large-scale solar farms’ output

UK major methane leak spotted from space

The volume of methane discharged could have provided a year’s worth of power for 7,500 households, according to a scientific team

UK backs solar-powered spacecraft

The UK has pledged support for a project focused on harnessing solar power to fuel returnable spacecraft and enable in-orbit servicing to extend the lifespan of satellites

Space-based solar power beamed down to Earth

Scientists have transmitted space-based solar power to Earth for the first time using a space-borne prototype called the Space Solar Power Demonstrator

“2001: A Space Odyssey may come true” – without climate action

That’s according to Sci-Fi author Cixin Liu who spoke recently at the UN base

Space-Based Solar Power Plants… We have lift off!

The ESA has given the green light to two concept commercial-scale power plants

Nuclear power to the moon?

Scientists believe nuclear power could be humanity’s key to living on the moon

Nuclear-powered space exploration secures fresh financing

Systems for recycling breathing gases and nuclear fuels for space propulsion will be backed

UN: ‘Reflecting sunlight back to space could be climate answer’

Although there must be more understanding of the technology before deployment, it has said

UN: ‘Ozone could be repaired in decades’

This is after the largest hole was recorded in 2000