Aldi swims to the top of sustainable supermarket seafood

A new report suggests its seafood range is greener than that of other supermarkets such as M&S, Morrisons and Iceland

Swedish green bonds slash 515,000 tonnes of emissions

This is roughly the equivalent of approximately 350,000 cars

Hershey blows a kiss for cocoa sustainability

The brand has announced it is to invest $500 million over the next 12 years

McDonald’s fries towards sustainability

The fast food chain has committed to reducing its global emissions by 150 million metric tons before 2030

‘UK overestimates plastic recycling success’

A new report suggests the UK might have overestimated the proportion of plastic it sent to recycling in the last 20 years

LEGO goes green one brick at a time

  The leaves, bushes and trees in LEGO sets are now being made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane ethanol. The move comes as part of the toy maker’s commitment to transition to the use of sustainable materials in its core products and packaging by 2030. The new green pieces are made from polyethylene, a soft, […]

Stopping waste with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air

  Will and Jaden Smith are launching a new line of flavoured water which they say will reduce waste and slash carbon dioxide emissions. The singer and actor’s JUST Water brand uses paper and plant-based material to create its fully recyclable boxy bottle, which it claims has a 74% lower emissions footprint than a standard […]

Cities ‘to go smart within a decade’

Are you looking forward to living in a smart city, with solar roads, autonomous cars, negligible pollution and green buildings? This kind of urban lifestyle is only a decade away, according to supplier First Utility and futurist Glen Hiemstra. They say by 2028, cities will become much more energy efficient, rely on electrified transportation, adopt […]

Green groups team up for Kenya’s low carbon buildings

A green bonds organisation and an African sustainable building group have agreed to work together to stimulate the take-up of certified low carbon buildings in Kenya. The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) and Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) say the buildings could be eligible for the use of proceeds of green bonds. The organisations say the […]

Water way to reduce waste

Harrogate Water’s plastic bottles will be made of at least 50% recycled content by 2018. The company says it has secured enough recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic to achieve this goal. None of the company’s waste currently goes to landfill. The firm says the sustainable credentials of its plastics will soon match its glass bottles, […]