Welsh Santa’s bag has only trees inside!

Every household in Wales will be offered a tree to plant

National Trust commits to planting 20m new trees in next decade

The organisation’s Director General Hilary McGrady has announced a series of new initiatives to tackle climate change

Tree planting
UK government ‘spends less than £1 per person per year on tree planting’

That’s the claim from Friends of the Earth, which says spending on planting and management in the UK has been in overall decline for several decades

Cornwall Council’s climate plan grows roots with £30m forest scheme

The local authority plans to plant thousands of new trees in a bid to tackle climate change

Yorkshire Water branches out to plant one million trees

Working with Yorkshire Water and Forest of Bradford, it aims to protect against floods and build a carbon sink

Climate change is causing more storms – but could trees adapt?

New ecological research suggests trees could grow more efficient leaves to compensate for storm damage

New hollow electricity poles ‘could cut wood use by 85%’

A total of 60,000 wooden electricity poles are needed in the UK every year

Christmas tree goes green…with plastic bottles!

A Christmas tree made from 600 green plastic bottles has been installed outside Crawley Library. The tree will stand through December and was designed by ‘rubbish artist’ Tracey Graham in 2013 to highlight recycling in West Sussex. The West Sussex Waste Prevention Team attended its unveiling to provide recycling and waste prevention tips for throughout the festive […]

Light your tree or go on a Christmas journey…

The amount of electricity spent lighting the UK’s Christmas trees might surprise you. If every one of the eight million Christmas trees in the country had its lights on for 12 hours a day through December, the amount of power used would be enough to send an electric vehicle (EV) around Earth 50 times. A Nissan Leaf EV […]

Don’t increase your ‘waste-line’ this Christmas, says DEFRA

People are being urged to play their part in saving the environment by recycling their waste this Christmas. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is suggesting householders to recycle glass bottles and cans from Christmas parties through kerbside collection schemes and local recycling points. ‘Real’ Christmas trees are also recyclable, with special […]