US jet zero gets boost!

United Airlines has announced it will purchase 100 electric aircraft for regional flights

Net zero supersonic flights?

Holidaymakers could supposedly travel from San Francisco to Tokyo in only six hours using sustainable fuels

US airline orders flying e-taxis for airport pickups

The electric air taxis are expected to start flights in the next five years

High-flying execs pressure United Airlines for green commitments

You might thing high-flying executives are more likely to demand a martini in first class – but a group of American execs are calling on their airline to be good to the environment. North American airlines have historically been stubborn in the face of environmental regulation both from federal government and abroad. The EU’s move to bring […]

United Airlines to fly on low carbon biofuels

United Airlines announced it has agreed to buy low carbon renewable jet fuel for flights from its Los Angeles International Airport produced by a local refinery. AltAir Fuels will retrofit part of an existing petroleum refinery near California to become a 30-million-gallon advanced biofuel facility. It will convert non-edible natural oils and agricultural waste into […]