New battery to smooth renewables’ impact on grid

US researchers have developed a new “long-life” battery they claim could help solar and wind power become major suppliers to the electricity grid. Wind and solar currently provide intermittent power and the electricity grid cannot tolerate large and sudden power fluctuations, according to the researchers at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory […]

US fund to develop biofuels for military jets

The US Government has announced funding worth nearly $18 million (£11.8m) for new projects to develop advanced biofuels for military jets and ships. The cash will be used for four innovative pilot-scale bio-refineries in California, Iowa and Washington. They will test renewable biofuels as a domestic alternative to power cars, trucks and planes that meet […]

US announces $150m tax credits for clean energy

The US Department of Energy and the Treasury have announced a total of $150 million (£95.8m) will be available in tax credits for clean energy projects across the country. The ‘Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits’ is part of the nation’s plans to strengthen its global competitiveness in clean energy and efficient manufacturing and President Barack […]

Inventor of hybrid car battery dies, aged 89

The inventor of the hybrid car battery has died, aged 89. American Stanford Ovshinsky paved the way for low carbon transport by designing the first nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. The Ni-MH battery is a rechargeable power source used in laptops, mobile phones and other devices including hybrid cars. Described as the “Edison of our age”, the Michigan-based, […]

US pumps money into nuclear research

The US Department of Energy has granted $17 million (£11m) in research and development funds for 23 Universities to develop the next generation of nuclear energy technologies and upgrade research reactors. A department statement said the action would “restart the U.S. nuclear industry as part of a broad approach to create new clean energy jobs […]

US forms Energy Efficiency and Renewables Advisory Committee

The US Department of Energy has set up an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Advisory Committee. Members of the ERAC will report directly to the Secretary of Energy Steven Chu with advice on the portfolio of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy . The 19 members selected have experience in a variety of […]