UK to seek exemption from US steel import tariffs

UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox is travelling to Washington today where he will be discussing the duties

The Big Zero report

The UK Government aims to seek an exemption from Donald Trump’s tariffs on aluminium and steel imports to the US.

The US President suggested he would impose tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminium imports, with the possibility of Canada and Mexico winning exemptions.

UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the government disagrees with the duties and believes unilateral trade measures “have weak foundations in international law”.

He will be travelling to Washington today where he will discuss the new tariffs.

Mr Fox said: “I will be making the case for the UK, as part of the EU. We share a strong defence and security co-operation relationship. As close allies in NATO, permanent members of the UN Security Council and nuclear powers, close co-operation between the UK and US is vital to international peace and security.

“The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will be assisting UK industry in working with US customers to build their cases for the exemption of individual products.”

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