Biden reinstates California’s power to set own vehicle emissions standards

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement reverses a decision made by President Donald Trump in 2019

Obama at COP26: ‘We can’t afford anybody on the sidelines’

Ex-President of the United States Barack Obama delivered an inspiring speech at the climate summit in Glasgow stressing the only way to tackle climate change is by doing it together

Biden suspends Trump Arctic oil and gas leases

During his last days in office, Donald Trump pushed ahead with the sale for the rights to drill for oil

Trump administration’s Arctic drilling auction ‘secures lower bidding interest than expected’

Several environmental organisations opposed oil and gas drilling on the Arctic Refuge as it would threaten wildlife and worsen climate change

Oil and gas business
US to purchase 77m crude oil barrels to support producers amid pandemic

It has initially bought 30 million crude oil barrels to place in its Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Bots ‘write 25% of all climate change tweets’

A new survey analysed 6.5 million tweets during the period US President Donald Trump announced his intention to ditch the Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump to speed up infrastructure project approval with rule rollback

The National Environmental Policy Act currently requires federal agencies to assess the environmental impact of projects such as the construction of mines, motorways, water pipes and gas lines

Trump starts process to formally exit Paris climate agreement

The US has to wait a year before finally leaving the deal

Donald Trump confirms US will leave Paris climate agreement

The president described the climate deal as ‘terrible’ and ‘one-sided’ and said it was a ‘total disaster for our country’

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry resigns

The former Texas Governor