Dundee’s emissions-slashing project gets EV boost

The equipment will manage peak loads, use renewable energy and buy electricity when it is at its cheapest

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An energy firm is providing a rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hub for Dundee City Council’s ‘Go Ultra Low’ project.

Alongside six rapid chargers and solar panel units, Connected Energy will also supply a 60kW E-Storage energy storage system, which can store and provide around 90kWh of power.

Due to be installed in the spring of this year, the equipment will manage peak loads, maximise the use of the onsite renewable energy and automatically take advantage of differences in electricity prices throughout the day.

Dundee City Council’s City Development Committee Convener Lynne Short said: “This is an important project for the city and it will take us to the next level when it comes to our charging infrastructure.

“Within the 26 square miles of perfection that is Dundee we will have a charging network second to none and working with skilled and efficient suppliers is a key part of that.”

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