Light-duty trucks electrify the clean vehicle market

The trucks are hitting the roads in the UK, Germany, Japan and the US

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New light-duty electric trucks are hitting the roads in the UK, Germany, Japan and the US.

Fuso’s eCanter electric vehicle (EV) is now being delivered to a wide range of customers including flour and bread producer Hovis and logistics firm Wincanton.

The firm plans to invest around €2.5 billion (£2.2bn) in research and development over the next two years, with the expectation that by 2020, around a quarter of commercial vehicles driving around will be electric.

It suggests replacing 1,000 conventional trucks with its eCanter model would cut roughly 16,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The company adds the EV could see operators increase their overall energy efficiency by around 60% when used in conjunction with renewable energy sources.

Managing Director of Mercedes Benz and Fuso Trucks UK, Mike Belk, said: “Cities cannot function without vehicles and soon more than half the global population will live in these urbanised areas.

“But in the UK, many cities are in breach of air quality standards. Together with London’s mayor, we share an ambition to participate in the active reduction of harmful pollutants and will develop and build trucks relevant to this aim.”

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