UK wind breaks record with 14.3GW of clean power

This breaks a record set earlier in March when wind supplied 29.1% of the nation’s power with 13.8GW

The Big Zero report

The UK has set a new wind energy record after generating 14.3GW of clean electricity for the first time ever on Saturday.

National Grid and RenewableUK said wind provided 35.7% of British power, with gas producing 20.3%, nuclear supplying 17.6%, coal generating 12.9% and 6% coming from imports.

During the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap at the beginning of March, wind supplied 29.1% of the nation’s power at around 13.8GW.

RenewableUK’s Executive Director Emma Pinchbeck said: “Yet again, wind is playing a key role in keeping Britain going during a cold spell.

“We’re harnessing a reliable, homegrown source of power which reduces our dependence on imports to maintain the security of our energy supplies.”

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