US university students set Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency

The prototype vehicle, called Maxwell, travelled eight and a half miles using less than one gram of hydrogen

Shell venture keeps on trucking for fuel efficiency

In collaboration with the Airflow Truck Company, the energy giant aims to slash the fuel consumption of freight vehicles

US court blocks Trump’s fuel efficiency penalties delay

The regulation will be more than double the amount of fines for carmakers

Rolls-Royce wins £24m for cleaner aircraft engines

It is working with partners to develop engines that are also expected to use 25% less fuel

New valve tech could makes engines ‘cleaner and cheaper’

Researchers say the technology has the ability to specifically time the opening and closing of the valves, which is key to increasing fuel efficiency

Could shape-shifting metal make efficiency plane sailing?

Shape-shifting metals could make planes lighter and more fuel-efficient. That’s according to researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Centre, who say ‘shape memory alloys’ could let parts of the plane assume slightly different shapes and positions depending on their temperature. The scientists say this could dispense with much of the motors, cables and equipment needed to […]

EU vans got 2.7% greener in 2016

The fuel efficiency of vans sold in the EU continued to rise in 2016. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the average van registered last year emitted 163.8 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre (g CO2/km), 4.5g less than in 2015. This average fuel efficiency improvement of 2.7% is the highest annual increase since […]

Volvo lent €600m for fuel efficiency research

A €600 million (£509m) loan agreement between an EU bank and a Volvo Group subsidiary to making its engines more fuel efficient has been completed. The financing will be used by Volvo Treasury AB Sweden for research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in fuel efficiency and safety related to trucks, buses and construction equipment. It […]

Is Trump rolling back car pollution standards?

Donald Trump has ordered a review of tougher vehicle fuel efficiency standards in the US. The Department of Transport (DOT) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will revisit the Obama administration’s rule to increase fuel economy to the equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon for cars and light duty trucks. That was expected to reduce […]

ETI invests £200k in fuel efficiency project

An initial funding of £200,000 has been announced for a project aimed at cutting emissions and increasing fuel efficiency of heavy vehicles. HORIBA MIRA, a UK subsidiary of a Japanese engineering firm, has been chosen by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) for the project which is expected to develop and demonstrate a commercially viable automated […]