Nuku’alofa granted $6.8m to upgrade electricity network

The aid will help rehabilitate Tonga’s power lines to withstand extreme weather

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The capital city of Tonga has been granted a $6.8 million (£5m) relief fund to reconstruct damaged power networks.

The funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help reconstruct Nuku’alofa’s electricity network as part of the Cyclone Gita Recovery Project.

The recovery project is estimated to cost around $9.42 million (£7m) in tota, with Tonga Power Limited and the Government of Tonga providing the rest of the investment.

The ADB is also closely working with the Government of New Zealand on a post-cyclone power project to modernise existing power network and provide better access to reliable power, by investing in new technology such as new underground cables, smart meters and new power distribution transformers.

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