New battery storage and microgrid service launched

Younicos and modular power infrastructure provider Aggreko will combine solar, batteries and microgrids into a single contract

A battery storage integrator has teamed up with its parent company Aggreko to launch a new microgrid and battery storage service.

Younicos and modular power infrastructure provider Aggreko will provide low-cost renewables, in particular solar, with thermal generation and battery storage in a single, flexible contract.

An initial project, a copper and zinc mine in Eritrea, is now being equipped with a solar and diesel hybrid system, expected to reduce fuel costs by more than 10%.

Under the 10-year rental agreement, the mine will be powered by a 22MW diesel plant and a 7.5MW solar power resource.

The companies will offer integrated microgrid solutions with rental durations as short as five years, enabling customers to test new technology and quickly adapt to a fast-evolving market, without the need for lengthy commitments.

Karim Wazni, Managing Director of Aggreko, said: “Microgrids-as-a-service is a win-win proposition. With this new offering, we enable our customers to reduce their electricity costs through the use of cheaper solar energy, without any compromise to their power reliability or security of supply.

“Integrating grid-forming battery systems allow as much solar as is economically optimal to be deployed, without any technical limitations.”

Two UK companies have joined forces to offer businesses the chance to use battery storage systems at no upfront cost.

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