Two-thirds of US public back solar mandate for new homes

Younger respondents were more likely to strongly support the idea compared to older generations

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support a solar mandate for new homes.

That’s according to a 2,201-person poll conducted by Morning Consult, which found strong support for a California-style mandate that all newly built homes must come with rooftop solar.

Around 32% expressed they somewhat support mandatory solar in their state, with 31% strongly supporting it.

On the other end of the spectrum, 11% somewhat opposed the measure, with another 11% strongly opposing it.

The remaining 15% had no opinion on the matter.

Among Democrats, 73% said they supported such a measure to some degree, while 57% of Republicans said they would back the introduction of such a mandate.

Younger respondents were more likely to strongly support mandatory solar on new homes compared to their parent’s or grandparent’s generation.

The results of the poll also show supporters of Donald Trump’s position as US President were less likely to support the law being introduced in the area in which they live.

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