Brazil awards licences for 2.1GW of new power

The wind sector bought more than 1.2GW of new capacity, spread across 48 infrastructure projects

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Brazil has awarded licences for 2.1GW of new power generation projects.

The nation’s trade chamber for power, Câmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica (CCEE), says the new capacity will be installed by 2024.

Companies which won the licenses are expected to invest up to $1.89 billion (£1.7bn) to build the wind, biomass, hydro and natural gas sources projects.

The wind sector contracted more than 1.2GW, spread across 48 infrastructure projects, with 457MW of hydro, 363MW of natural gas and 28MW of biomass also being announced.

Faro Energy recently issued what it claims is the first certified green bond for solar energy in Brazil.

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