Siemens and software firm launch academy for energy sector

The learning sessions will be spread over three facilities in Germany, the US and China

UK is ‘leading the way with planned North Sea projects’

It has 10 planned projects, followed by Norway and the Netherlands with five and one respectively

Largest oil and gas projects to spend $37bn before 2025

These projects are expected to produce 2.6 billion barrels of oil

Bank launches green crowdfunding platform

A solar farm and a heat pump company are to become the first businesses to benefit from a UK bank’s newly launched crowdfunding platform. Triodos Bank’s platform will allow the public to invest directly in renewable energy projects. The first round of funding will help Mendip Renewables raise £1.8 million to take a 5MW operational […]

Brazil cancels 25 green projects

Brazil has cancelled 25 renewable projects after developers requested to return construction licences. In total, 16 wind farms and nine solar parks were scrapped as financially struggling firms were allowed to step back from their plans by paying a combined total of $33.4 million (£26m) in fees. The move marks the country’s first ‘cancellation round’ for […]

Project seeks partners to cut the cost of nuclear energy

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is looking for partners on a project to better understand the cost of nuclear energy. The Nuclear Cost Drivers Project aims to analyse historic, contemporary and future nuclear projects to identify how different areas of nuclear power plant design, construction and operation could deliver potential cost reductions. The ETI says […]

Government ‘must outline energy investment framework’

The UK Government needs to give businesses certainty by outlining an energy investment framework as soon as possible. That’s the view of Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General at business group CBI, who says the government must create a pro-market, pro-enterprise partnership to unlock a “golden age of infrastructure development” across the country. Speaking at the National Infrastructure Forum, […]

Project financing in the energy industry remains robust

New project financing in the energy industry remains robust. That’s according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings, which suggests in the last two years, continental Europe has attracted strong renewable investment, including offshore and onshore wind portfolios and a range of transportation deals. In the UK, the government has continued to encourage renewable energy projects with the creation […]

Energy efficiency projects rise with UK growth

An increase in energy efficiency projects commissioned in the last quarter of 2016 reflects the UK’s strengthening economic growth. That’s according to a new report from EEVS Insight and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, whose survey of 68 UK-based energy efficiency professionals reveals 80% of them commissioned energy efficiency projects during that period compared to just […]

Decommissioning spending to rise 540% by 2040

Spending on decommissioning offshore oil and gas projects is expected to see a 540% increase by 2040. Annual costs are forecast to rise from $2.4 billion (£1.92bn) in 2015 to $13 billion per year (£10.41bn) during the same period, according to a new report from IHS Markit. More than 600 projects are expected to be removed within the next five years. A further 2,000 will […]