National Grid: UK has enough gas and power to last the winter

The organisation says this is the case even in the event of another extreme cold weather period

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The UK will be able to meet power and gas demand this winter, even in the event of an extreme cold snap.

That’s according to National Grid’s Winter Outlook Report, which stresses it now has the right products and strategies in place to avoid a repeat of the scenes earlier this year, when the organisation was forced to issue a gas deficit warning for the first time in eight years after the “Beast from the East” cold snap.

National Grid says following the warning, more gas has been brought onto the UK market, adding it is now confident in its diverse range of supply sources.

It predicts a de-rated margin of 7.1GW – this refers to surplus levels of fuel, which are expected to be 0.9GW more than last winter’s forecasted margin.

The UK’s transmission system demand is expected to peak in the first half of December at 48.2GW.

Total gas demand for the coming winter is forecast to hit 46.6 billion cubic metres, marginally less than the year before due to lower demand being forecasted from gas-fired power plants.

It expects to see an increase in coal-fired generation as a result of slightly higher gas prices.

National Grid said: “For this winter, even under colder conditions than experienced in recent years, we are confident we have the right products and strategies in place to help us balance the gas and electricity networks.”

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