Most Sustainable TPI Award

Sponsored by Ecotricity
Entry deadline is 5pm on April 30th.

Sponsored by Ecotricity

The world is changing and being a sustainable business is now a standard, not a luxury. We are looking for those TPIs that put sustainability at the heart of their business for their benefit and the benefit of the environment, their customers and wider society.

We want to celebrate companies leading the way in sustainable business and which have truly instilled this objective into their long-term business strategy. This award aims to inspire all TPIs, large and small, to make sustainability the foundation of their vision.

All entries must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. There are four questions to be answered.
  2. Each question accounts for 25 marks.
  3. Your final score will be out of 100.
  4. There is a minimum score requirement.
  5. The top five scoring consultancies above the minimum score requirement will make up the shortlist for the secondary judging panel.
  6. Please take only 250 words or less for each answer. Any answer that goes over the limit will be truncated.
  7. Please feel free to use pictures but sparingly.
  8. Make sure that each question is before the relevant answer.
  9. As the first judging panel will assess your entry anonymously, please do not use your company name or brands in any of the answers. Failure to do so in an answer will lead to that answer being deleted and no score being registered for that answer.
  10. Judges’ decisions are final and binding; and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into relating to any of their decisions.
  11. Deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on 30th The shortlist will be announced on 20th May and the winner announced at the awards ceremony on 26th June.
  12. Please make sure that you pay the entry fee of £650 ex VAT by 1stMay or your entry will be voided. Entry fee guarantees judging by the first judges’ panel and two tickets to the awards ceremony.
  13. Any entries shortlisted will be guaranteed another ticket to the awards ceremony.

The questions on the entry form are:

  • Please describe what you believe your business does to be sustainable/eco-friendly? (250 words)
  • How do you share your eco values in your work? (250 words)
  • How do your eco values shape the way you conduct your business? (250 words)
  • What are your future plans to become a more sustainable TPI? (250 words)

TELCA 2019 Entry - Most Sustainable TPI Award

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