TESS 2019: Energy market transforming through IoT

Sean Gulliford from Gemserv will be discussing this topic and many more at The Energy Solutions Show

How is the energy market being transformed through the Internet of Things (IoT)? And how can security be managed?

That will be discussed at The Energy Solutions Show (TESS) on 5th June at Millennium Point in Birmingham, in a session run by Gemserv.

Other topics that will be covered include how IoT is blurring market verticals, why improvements are needed on IoT security practices, changes required to security policies, processes and procedures and using security standards to manage the security of IoT systems.

Sean Gulliford, Head of Connected Devices at Gemserv said: “As innovation continues to disrupt the energy sector and the proliferation of smart connected technology increases, it is important to understand the risks as well as the benefits.

“We will provide an overview of some of the challenges faced in defining the risks around smart services and suggests potential changes to security management processes required to support resilient systems to deliver a future energy system. We will examine some of the key differences between IT, IoT and OT and why these need to be considered and incorporated into security managements systems for large scale distributed IoT networks.”

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