ELEXON implements 12 changes to Balancing and Settlement Code

This includes six modifications to BSC rules and six Change Proposals, which amend BSC subsidiary documents

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ELEXON has implemented 12 changes to improve the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

The BSC underpins the commercial arrangements for the electricity market and modifications aim to benefit the companies operating in the electricity market.

ELEXON has made six modifications to BSC rules and six Change Proposals, which amend BSC subsidiary documents.

Key changes include simplifying the registration and configuration of Balancing Mechanism Units that do not fall into standard definitions in the Code – this is referred to as Modification P364 and aims to speed up registration for ‘non-standard’ units and make it easier to bring new or non-traditional configurations of generating units to the market.

Another significant change is Modification P372, which streamlines the process for making changes to data published in the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service, enabling additional data to be published more quickly.

Other changes include the removal of obsolete Supplemental Balancing Reserve and Demand Side Balancing Reserve arrangements, removing inconsistencies between regulations, improving the format of forms and revising submission deadline requirements.

ELEXON CEO Mark Bygraves said: “The BSC change process is highly regarded for its robust governance and best practice. However, we are always looking at how we can streamline it so that it meets the changing needs of the energy market.

“The changes we are implementing today help us to support new providers of electricity flexibility. They will also simplify the code, removing redundant BSC rules and inefficient processes.”

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