Ofgem price cap proposals: Industry responds

The price cap is expected to save UK households an average of around £75 a year

EU ends anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on Chinese solar imports

It announced minimum import price measures will officially expire at midnight tonight

‘Many MPs overestimate the level of opposition to onshore wind power’

A new report claims many are unaware of both the low cost and popularity of the technology

EU opens consultation regarding decarbonisation strategy

It aims to help inform what type of transformations are required and how they should be carried out

US passes non-binding measure to block potential carbon tax

The majority of voters said charging consumers and businesses for their environmental impact would be detrimental to the economy

Theresa May announces new Environment Bill

It will provide a legal framework for the UK to improve the environment and reduce pollution over the next 25 years

Scotland sets target to cut fuel poverty to 5% by 2040

The nation will focus on targeting low income households and implementing effective efficiency measures

Policymakers ‘must minimise energy disruption from Brexit’

Eurelectric says maintaining a close collaboration between the EU and UK on electricity and climate issues is vital

Energy UK: Government must tweak energy auctions

The industry organisation suggests changes are needed to “not only keep up the pace of decarbonisation in future but go further and faster”

Councils call for government support on new-build emissions

Local authorities want more freedom to set higher sustainability standards in new homes