MPs concerned about increasing Brexit-related work for Defra

Environment Secretary Michael Gove told the Environmental Audit Committee longer term work streams for his department could increase from 43 to 70 triggered by Brexit

How will the final Brexit decision affect UK oil and gas industry?

When former Prime Minister David Cameron decided to hold the Brexit referendum, few could have predicted the effects the vote would have across all UK sectors, oil and gas industries very much included. The one certainty everyone can agree upon was that the impact of Brexit would be profoundly felt, with experts from both sides […]

‘UK must be able operate as independent nuclear state post-Brexit’

The UK Government aims to achieve a close association with Euratom but plans to be prepared to operate as an independent nuclear state if necessary

Theresa May seeks ‘broad energy co-operation’ with EU

The Prime Minister is exploring options for the UK’s continued participation in the EU’s internal energy market

Jeremy Corbyn vows energy co-operation post-Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed the Labour Party would make sure the UK remains part of the EU’s internal energy market (IEM) and the Euratom nuclear co-operation treaty after Brexit. In a speech focussed on the country’s future trading relations, the Leader of the Opposition said continued membership of the IEM is essential to the development […]

Post-Brexit trade signals ‘ominous for low carbon sector’

The future of the UK’s low carbon sector is at risk from post-Brexit trade strategies. That’s according to think-tank Green Alliance, which says the government is likely to place equal importance on trade with the EU and other countries such as the US or China. However, Green Alliance says the UK must prioritise economic alignment with […]

Energy UK says ‘UK must participate in EU energy market’

The UK must continue to participate in the EU’s energy market to ensure the efficient trade of gas and electricity, maintain affordable security of supply and deliver its climate change targets. That’s according to Energy UK, which has outlined what it believes are the key issues for the energy sector to be discussed in the […]

House of Lords Committee warns of Brexit energy threats

A House of Lords Committee has warned of potential threats posed to the UK’s energy trade if the nation leaves the EU. In a new report, the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee suggests Brexit risks the UK’s currently “frictionless trade in energy with the EU”. The EU currently supplies around 12% of British gas and […]

Brexit legislation ‘may breach environmental democracy laws’

Brexit legislation may breach environmental democracy laws because the British public weren’t consulted. That’s according to a UN-backed committee, which is considering a complaint from Friends of the Earth (FoE) that the bill to withdraw from the EU breaches the Aarhus convention requiring public input on changes to green rules. The activism group has said […]

UK ‘must retain close relationship with Euratom’

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has called on the UK Government to retain “as close a relationship as possible” with the EU’s nuclear association following Brexit. It said links with Euratom must be maintained to ensure existing nuclear safeguards continue, as well as to minimise the risk of disruption to ongoing research […]