UK and European businesses call for energy-considerate Brexit

Organisations say leaders must ensure leaving the EU does not harm climate progress or result in higher bills

UK Government proposes changes to energy legislation following Brexit

Energy Minister Claire Perry announced plans to transfer energy-related functions from the EU to the UK

Theresa May pledges farming policy will improve environment post-Brexit

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is to be scrapped and replaced with a ‘simpler system’

Government ‘must establish environmental audit office following Brexit’

The proposed organisation would be modelled on the National Audit Office

Lords Sub-Committee calls for more clarity on post-Brexit nuclear arrangements

It asked for regular updates on how the Office for Nuclear Regulation will be funded in the future

UK Government considering leaving EU internal energy market

It, however, seeks to ensure trade over interconnectors is maintained after Brexit

UK launches nuclear safeguards consultation as it prepares for Brexit

The government has made a series of proposals regarding the creation of a new nuclear safeguards regime

David Davis resigns as UK Brexit Secretary

Housing Minister Dominic Raab has been appointed to take his place

Brexit must not ‘mess up UK’s energy systems’

Lawrence Slade, CEO of Energy UK, said diverging from European energy schemes won’t benefit consumers or industry

Policymakers ‘must minimise energy disruption from Brexit’

Eurelectric says maintaining a close collaboration between the EU and UK on electricity and climate issues is vital