INEOS installs new tech in London office to improve air quality

The installation of air filters is said to have ‘massively improved’ air quality across the office

Big Zero Report 2022

Petrochemicals giant INEOS has installed air filters at its headquarters in London to address poor air quality levels in the area.

It has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory and AECOM on the air quality monitoring system and to develop the kit which has been deployed on the roof and the street and the office to maximise its effectiveness.

Data collected by INEOS reveals there were two major issues with air quality in London – the level of nitrous oxide and particulates.

Initial readings taken showed extremely high levels of nitrous oxide and particulates, regularly peaking above the EU limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m³).

INEOS installed high level filters to remove particulates and carbon filters to reduce levels of nitrous oxide and since then, the levels of nitrous oxide have fallen from 37 µg/m³, with peaks over 100 µg/m³, to 18 µg/m³ with no peaks.

Particulates have fallen from 15 µg/m³ with peaks over 40 µg/m³ to 1 µg/m³ with no peaks.

Simon Laker, INEOS Group Operations Director said: “This new technology has massively improved air quality across the office. It’s a major boost for our staff and we are now planning to put in in all our other offices where air pollution is a problem.”

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