5 Hidden Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

It’s no secret that the climate change crisis is becoming more urgent every day.

Welsh Government sets out plan for Clean Air Bill with coal burning ban and wet wood restrictions

The proposals are part of a consultation published alongside plans for a new clean air law for Wales

Coventry and Oxford on track to become ‘UK’s first’ all-electric bus cities

The cities could be awarded up to £50 million each to introduce all-electric bus services as a result of an England-wide competition

Greece referred to EU Court over poor air quality

The Commission said Greece has not taken adequate measures for the reduction of PM10 concentrations in the agglomeration of Thessaloniki

UK’s Air Quality Expert Group seeks evidence on fine particulate matter

Responses from scientific experts will help inform government’s approach to reducing the pollutant

London Mayor launches £10m New Green Deal to support 1,000 green jobs

The fund aims to support jobs in solar and energy efficiency projects and eradicate energy inequalities in London

Scotland unveils plans for new Centre of Expertise in Biodiversity

It will bring together experts who will advise policymakers in government, local authorities and public bodies on how best to tackle biodiversity loss

EU Commission refers France to Court over poor air quality

Data provided by France confirms the ‘systematic failure’ to meet EU rules on PM10 limit values in the zones of Paris and Martinique for 12 and 14 years respectively

Scotland consults on proposals to improve air quality

Plans include taking forward potential measures to control the supply of the most polluting domestic fuels, including wet wood and house coal

Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone to launch in June 2021

The owners of the most polluting vehicles will need to pay a daily charge to drive into or through the Clean Air Zone