‘Less vehicle emissions have saved thousands of lives’

A new Harvard study has revealed that reductions in vehicle emissions during the last decade have not only saved lives but also $270bn

Portobello Road, ‘non bello’ for cars!

Britain’s most famous market will ban cars completely in a bid to cut emissions and improve the air quality of the area

Children worldwide call on UN to recognise their ‘right to clean air’

There are predictions that by 2050, air pollution could be the leading cause of child mortality

Delhi shuts down all schools as air pollution hits emergency levels

Air pollutants are reportedly more than 20 times the maximum daily limit recommended by the World Health Organization

‘Air pollution is on Ella’s death certificate, they cannot ignore me’

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, mother of a nine-year-old girl who died from a severe form of asthma spoke to ELN during a fringe event at COP26 in Glasgow

Environment Act passed to crack down on water and air pollution

The act will also look to cut waste, protect biodiversity and increase recycling rates

COP26 police patrols get Harley-Davidson electric treat!

The fleet aims to support the ‘green’ practices of Police Scotland during the climate talks in Glasgow

MPs ‘avoid thousands of pounds by putting emission charges on their expenses’

The practice has reportedly helped MPs save nearly £70,000

Nearly 95% of HGV ‘are compliant with tighter air pollution London rules’

It is estimated that the number of heavy vehicles meeting ULEZ standards has doubled since the scheme was first introduced in February 2017

Wales enforces 50mph speed limits and fines to reduce air pollution

Nitrogen dioxide levels were reduced by up to 47% by lowering the speed limits in previous trials