Bristol’s low carbon heat networks warm up with a £10m grant

This funding will finance new infrastructure, including the creation of a large water-source heat pump which will produce clean heat from Bristol’s floating harbour

Bristol’s journey to net zero has received a financial boost of £10 million dedicated to expanding the city’s heat networks to more communities.

Part of this investment will be spent on the creation of a large water-source heat pump, which will produce zero carbon heat sourced from Bristol’s floating harbour, whereas another section will use waste heat from the University of Bristol’s new campus development.

As a result of this funding, the city’s heat network – a system of underground pipes that transports hot water from different sources to homes and businesses in order to heat them – will be broadened.

It said Bristol’s heat network currently supplies around 1,000 properties with low carbon heat from a variety of sources across the city.

Kye Dudd,Cabinet Member for Energy and Transport said: “Our Bristol heat network has such a vital role to play in our city’s journey to carbon neutrality. The council has invested over £7 million in this infrastructure over the last five years and will continue to expand the network to serve new communities with low carbon heat.

“This new funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is so welcome to support the growth of the network and will enable us to innovate with new technology that will provide zero carbon heat to a number of new developments in the city. It’s also very exciting to see old fossil fuel infrastructure like the Bedminster coal mine being considered for use to provide zero carbon heat for the future.”

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