Canada’s ‘first net zero college building’ to absorb thousands of tonnes of CO2

Centennial College in Toronto is expected to open the new timber-based structure in 2023

The Centennial College in Toronto will soon make history with the addition of Canada’s first net zero carbon, timber college building, a $105 million (£60m) structure which is expected to open in 2023.

The project is the result of a collaboration between construction services company EllisDon and architecture firms Dialog and Smoke Architecture.

Instead of steel or concrete, sustainably harvested mass timber will be used to construct the building.

Image: Dialog

The college said the engineered wood will be able to store long-term carbon emissions to help the building achieve its net zero carbon status.

Craig Applegath, Project Principal at Dialog said: “This project will be a clear demonstration of how higher-education facilities can make an important contribution to reducing environmental harm by eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.

“Its zero carbon emissions design and its ability to store thousands of tonnes of carbon in its sustainably harvested mass timber wood structure, will be an important precedent in both Canada and around the world.”

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