Canada invests $50m in Indigenous wind energy project

The Burchill Wind Energy Project will produce up to 42MW of renewable electricity, coupled with a 10MW utility-scale battery storage system

New partnership to advance very small modular reactors in Canadian province

The Saskatchewan Research Council and Westinghouse Electric Canada will jointly develop a project for an eVinci micro-reactor for the development and testing of industrial, research and energy use applications

Canada backs Atlin hydro expansion project with $32.2m

The project is expected to add 8MW of capacity to Yukon’s grid, generating roughly the same amount of electricity used by 2,500 homes annually

Moltex and SNC-Lavalin partner to advance nuclear energy

Moltex is developing nuclear technologies, including a Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner, which uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel and a Waste to Stable Salt process for recycling nuclear waste

Rich countries must end fossil fuel production by 2034 to keep 1.5°C target alive

The war in Ukraine can’t be an excuse to develop new oil and gas projects, a new report has warned

Canada invests $27.2m in Westinghouse’s small modular reactor technology

It will support Westinghouse Electric Canada’s efforts to successfully license its eVinci micro reactor in the country

Canada launches $10m Oil Spill Response Challenge

The solution with the greatest net benefit to the Canadian oil spill regime will be awarded a $2m grand prize

Canada provides $182.7m for farmers to reduce emissions

Activities supported through the fund are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to two million tonnes by 2024

8 ways to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling abroad

Reduce your CO₂ footprint when you fly by following these tips: for instance by checking the right case when you apply for your visa.

Canada provides $4.4m boost for home energy efficiency

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association will use the funding for energy retrofits in houses and low-rise multi-unit residential buildings