SSEN boosts resilience of power supplies for Highland communities with £1.2m investment

Almost 600 properties will benefit from upgrades of the electricity networks, the construction of a new substation and an underground cable project

Big Zero Report 2022

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has invested £1.2 million to upgrade the electricity networks in the Highland region and develop a new substation.

The six-month-long programme of works will benefit approximately 600 properties in the area through the complete replacement of the existing outdoor substation at Achintee.

SSEN will also develop an underground cable project, removing an overhead power line through the Tullich Industrial Estate.

Nik Wheeler, Head of SSEN’s Highlands and Islands region, said: “Our Highland region covers some of the most remote and rural locations the country has to offer and our role as a responsible network operator is to ensure homes and businesses have the power they need, both now and in the future.”

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