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Big Zero Report 2022

About Pozitive Energy

Pozitive Energy was established in 2015 by a team of ex-energy broker entrepreneurs who recognised the market needed a different type of energy supplier with a completely fresh approach to the industry. Their vision was to create a B2B hybrid IT/energy company which could challenge the highly competitive mid-market sector but dealing exclusively though the TPI channel. After a year of system development, satisfying industry regulatory requirements and extensive testing, full operations commenced in early 2016

Fast forward to the current day – Pozitive Energy has gone from strength to strength. With purpose built in-house technology, designed specifically for the energy industry, and a partner portal developed to both support partners and be dynamic enough to evolve based on partner feedback, the Pozitive portfolio continues to grow. End to end automation currently sits at around 90% keeping the cost to serve low – This results in highly competitive unit rates and toolkits to support partners and clients throughout the life of the contract.

Pozitives strong position was further reinforced at the end of 2019 when a 5 year trading agreement was signed with Shell Trading Europe, giving customers and partners alike the confidence that Pozitive Energy is definitely here to stay. Pozitive are now entering ‘phase two’ of their growth plan, expanding into high end flex and micro SME using their tech savvy approach.

Current operational statistics:

  • Power Supplied – 1.2 Twh
  • Gas Supplied – 8,300,000 Therms
  • 31,500 Meter Points
  • 155 staff
  • Average Response Time 36 Seconds
  • 80% of queries resolved within 3 working days

As both the innovative platform, and the alternative approach, continue to evolve, a new suite of products will become available to partners, providing even more opportunities to strengthen relationships with clients and demonstrate Pozitive Energy’s ability to compete in all sectors of the business gas and electricity market space.

Enter TELCA now!

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