‘UK’s first’ geothermal boils up in Cornwall!

A deep geothermal power plant in Cornwall has produced steam for the first time in the UK

The Big Zero report

Something is boiling underground in Cornwall.

A power plant on the United Down Industrial Estate in Cornwall has delivered what is claimed to be the UK’s first geothermal steam using 175°C water extracted from 5.1 kilometres underground.

That will be converted to deliver approximately 3MWe of power to the National Grid.

Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL), the company behind the ‘UK’s first’ deep geothermal power plant, has announced that it will develop four new projects in Cornwall.

The goal is to deliver a total of 20MW of baseload electricity and 100MW of heat energy from deep geothermal by 2026.

Ryan Law, Managing Director of GEL, said: “Over the next 20 years, our target is to produce in excess of 500MW of power from geothermal resources making this one of the most significant and reliable baseload power sources in the UK.”

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