New Opportunities for Energy Projects: Makes Evolution

Research by Accenture shows that energy companies could capitalize on multiple digital technologies. contributes to developing these digital technologies which are ahead of its time.

Several technological innovations, such as the Industrial Internet of Things, real-time information technology systems and solutions in the field of optimization of production and distribution of electricity, have caused global changes in the energy industry around the world, opening up new opportunities for growth. Most of the IT products deployed by energy companies are classified as business-critical, which means that they are subject to increased information security requirements.

Architectural and construction measures are the most labor-intensive and costly, as well as with a long payback period – over 10 years. Modernization of engineering equipment is a less labor-intensive and costly measure with a payback period of fewer than 10 years. O

Our experience in the implementation of energy-saving technologies has shown that the least time-consuming and costly measure with a payback period of up to 5 years is the automation of engineering equipment, especially given the presence of special low-cost software functions for energy-efficient management.

Engre cooperates with leading research institutions and companies in order to achieve the ultimate goal – the practical application of modern innovative technologies for the efficient conversion of renewable energy sources into electricity and heat, in accordance with moderate levels of capital costs for the construction of such facilities.

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