Digital technology
Are computers RAM-ming emissions into the atmosphere?

A new report shows the energy intensity of the digital sector is increasing by 4% per year

Utilities businesses risk GDPR penalties by not wiping old computers

A new report shows four months after their introduction, the majority of UK utilities are still failing to adhere to some of the rules

Global businesses increasingly sourcing renewable energy

Private sector companies bought 465TWh of green energy last year – an amount close to the overall power demand of France

Hampshire IT firm boots up EV fleet

A Hampshire IT firm has bought six electric vehicles (EVs) for its engineers to get around in. Taylor Made’s new BMWi3s mark the start of a move towards electrifying the business’ entire 50-strong fleet. Ahead of the government’s plans to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040, the company also […]

Are employees the biggest risk to cybersecurity?

The biggest risk to cybersecurity are employees, according to a majority of global power and utility executives. That was the findings of a new survey from EY, which reveals 84% of leaders and IT executives and managers questioned said careless employee actions are a threat. Around 12% of the 1,735 people questioned believe their boards […]

IT firm to cut emissions per employee by 20%

IT services and consultancy firm Capgemini has set a science-based target to slash its carbon emissions by 20% per employee by 2020. The firm, which claims to be the first business of its kind to take this step in the UK, also said it will reduce its emissions by 40% by 2030. Its goals have […]

Free EU tool to design efficient data centres

An EU-funded research project has launched a free online tool to help design energy efficient and renewable data centres. Data centres are large networks of computer servers used to store, process or distribute large amounts of data. They typically use a lot of energy. The RenewIT tool is designed to help operators, designers and stakeholders maximise the sustainability […]

Smart meter IT system delayed until autumn

An IT project which is part of the government’s plans to roll-out smart meters across the country by 2020 has been delayed. The government has confirmed its key scheme, which consists of a communications infrastructure to link smart meters to energy suppliers, will now be ready in autumn. Data and Communications Company is responsible for the […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – Energy: the appliance of science?

Do you recall the days, particularly around Y2K, when the IT fraternity were often accused of creating wonderful solutions and pieces of hardware for customers who had absolutely no need for them? Anything with a chip in it became a potential enemy of the future of global civilisation. There were lots of (very expensive) lessons […]

Green data centres ‘to reach $221bn by 2022’

The global market for green data centres is forecast to reach $221.49 billion (£140bn) by 2022, according to a new report. The paper, by Transparency Market Research, states this is due to an increase of energy efficiency initiatives, government regulations and benefits such as cutting costs. A green data centre stores, manages and spreads data […]