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ELN spoke with amber energy on becoming last year’s Consultancy of the Year champions

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As we look forward to this year’s TELCA awards, Energy Live News spoke with last year’s Consultancy of the Year winners, amber energy.

Editor Sumit Bose spoke with Andrew James Walker, Commercial Director at amber energy, who described receiving the award as a “real high point”.

“It can be hard in this industry to create the opportunity, just to pause, look back slightly and go ‘you know what?’ Some of what we’re doing is actually pretty decent and to have people outside of the organisation be backing that up is brilliant,” he said.

Mark Metcalfe, Director (Power) at Pozitive Energy, Headline Sponsors of the award, said: “I think it’s good to try and set yourself above the rest. My experience of amber over the years, both when I’ve been a TPI and on the supplier side, has been people who actually know what they’re doing and are actually there to give good advice to their customers.

“The market over the last six months or so really just goes to show if companies are actually there to give good advice and are actually able to promote good risk management strategies – I think it’s very important to champion those kind of things because fundamentally it’s what most people look at is how well have I been advised over this difficult period?”

Our shortlist will be announced next month and the winners will be revealed on 1st December.

Watch the video for the full interview.

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