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Good Energy implements ‘hourly matching’ for business customers

The Soil Association is one of the first Good Energy business customers to utilise 'hourly matching', providing information on how its power is aligned with renewable sources such as solar farms on an hourly basis

Image: Pete Williams of The Soil Association (left) with Leeways commercial manager Jack Griffin and production director Anthony Marshall at their solar farm 

The Soil Association, a Bristol-based charity, has partnered with Good Energy in an initiative known as ‘hourly matching’, aiming to provide detailed insight into the organisation’s power sources aligned with renewable energy like solar farms.

This step enhances transparency in carbon reporting, countering ‘greenwashing’, allowing businesses to track renewable electricity sources in real time and optimise usage.

Soil Association spokesperson Pete Williams said: “We’re always trying to connect people with the source of their food and where their products are coming from, in the same way Good Energy are showing us exactly who’s helping to produce our energy.

“Many people say they feel powerless in the face of climate change but we all make choices, not matter how small, that can have a benefit.”

Leeways Packaging Services, a producer of recyclable trays for the food industry, operates over 1,700 solar panels at its Churcham headquarters and an even larger solar facility in Cinderford.

According to Commercial Manager Jack Griffin, operating Monday to Thursday results in approximately 25% of their generated electricity being exported back to the grid.

Good Energy Chief Executive Nigel Pocklington said: “Hourly matching provides business owners with truly transparent insights into how they’re powering their operations and how they can be more sustainable.”

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