New environmental challenge to tackle coastal pollution launched

A prize of up to £5,000 will be provided to the winners

Big Zero Report 2022

A new challenge to fund sustainable solutions to tackle diffuse coastal pollution has been launched in the UK.

Geovation, Ordnance Survey’s open innovation network hub, has launched the challenge with the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to address coastlines face as a result of extreme storms, coastal erosion and sea level rise.

They are caused by climate change as well as a multitude of diffuse pollution sources that can affect water quality and pollute coastal areas, which has a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Sources of diffuse pollution can collectively be very damaging to the environment due to the release of potential pollutants.

The challenge, which will provide a prize of up to £5,000 to the winners, will aim to address the important issue of diffuse pollution on Britain’s coastlines and look at sustainable solutions to improve water quality, as well as improve efficiencies, profitability and sustainability from agriculture to the water and sewage infrastructure.

According to UKHO, Britain has a coastline of almost 20,000 miles, including the islands, with the vast majority of the population also living within 100 miles of the coastline.

Geovation works with innovators and start-ups by providing them with access to real-time data and expertise – for this challenge, successful applicants will have access to data from Ordnance Survey, including terrain, buildings, water networks.

It will be complemented by data from the UKHO, the Met Office and the British Geological Survey to identify and find viable solutions to protect the 20,000 miles of coastline.

Carly Morris, Head of Geovation said: “The coastal challenge is a great way to inspire and drive collaboration using geospatial, maritime and meteorological data so that innovators, with the support from our Geovation community, can devise sustainable solutions in order to tackle critical environmental issues.

“The environmental impact of diffuse pollution is ever more apparent in the UK and we hope that through the challenge we can get closer to finding sustainable solutions that can deliver change and make a positive impact on the future of our coasts.”

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