UK council to trial plant-based ‘street furniture’

Hampshire County Council will install bio polymer bollards made from sugar cane

Hampshire County Council has claimed it has become the UK’s first Highway Authority to trial plant-based plastic bollards.

The street furniture is made from plant-based bio-polymers, derived from sugar cane.

The local authority, which declared a climate emergency in 2019, said the sugar cane that was used to produce these bollards was regulated and complied with local and international standards of sustainability.

The bollards are deemed low carbon as they are not made of concrete, the most common material used to manufacture them.

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, the County Council’s Executive Member for Highways Operations, said: “These new bio polymer bollards are made from sugar cane and when sugar cane grows it absorbs carbon dioxide.

“This ‘carbon capture’ actually reduces the carbon levels in the atmosphere – providing a negative carbon footprint.”

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