Yorkshire Water to pay £300k for sewage discharge

The water firm will give the money to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Big Zero Report 2022

Yorkshire Water has agreed to pay £300,000 to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust after an “unauthorised” sewage discharge.

The discharge led to a pollution incident in Leeds in 2018, the Environment Agency (EA) said.

The agency added the company breached its environmental permit due to an unauthorised sewage discharge from its Garforth Storm Tanks, which led to a pollution incident at Kippax Beck.

The incident occurred when an automated valve system failed to open and caused rainwater and wastewater to discharge into a nearby water source.

The EA has approved an Enforcement Undertaking submitted by the water company.

EA’s Area Environment Manager Ben Hocking said: “When companies fail to meet their environmental obligations, it’s a serious matter and we will take appropriate action, which may include civil sanctions.

“Enforcement Undertakings are an effective enforcement option to allow companies to put things right and contribute to environmental improvements.

“This payment of £300,000 to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will bring great benefits to nature reserves in the local area.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson told ELN: “Since the incident in 2018 we have repaired, replaced and installed new equipment at our Garforth site to prevent similar issues in the future.

“We have also given £300,000 to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, money which will be spent in the region to continue to provide excellent land for the people and wildlife of Yorkshire to enjoy.

“This will benefit our region, unlike fines the Environment Agency secures, which are paid to the Treasury and may not be invested in our region.”

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