How do thousands of elastic bands end up on an uninhabited island?

The National Trust says it has solved the mystery of Mullion Island… and the answer is a disturbing one

UK leads new global alliance to protect world’s oceans

The Global Ocean Alliance will push to ensure at least a third of the oceans is safeguarded in Marine Protected Areas by 2030

Plastic waste ‘impairs kidney function and raises cholesterol levels in birds’

New research has found that although most birds only eat a few small pieces of plastic, that doesn’t mean they’re not seriously affected

Japan’s famous Nara Deer killed by plastic pollution

One dead deer’s stomach was found to contain 4.3 kilogrammes of plastic after it ate wrappers and packaging littered in the scenic area

Panda cub
Average size of animals ‘to plummet as humans drive extinction’

Researchers from the University of Southampton say human-pressures mean the average size of animals on Earth will shrink by a quarter in the next 100 years

Scottish landscape
Scottish conservation project aims to loch-in £1bn of investment

The money will be used to protect Scotland’s natural environment, as well as provide returns for investors

Will fish sink or swim in the face of climate change?

A new study shows fish populations are shrinking by up to 35% in coastal regions of China and Japan

Developers may have to make ‘biodiversity net gain’

If green improvements are not possible in certain circumstances, they could be charged a levy for the creation of habitat or improvement elsewhere

Funding worth £1.7m to seed farming collaboration

New funding of £1.7 million will allow groups of farmers and organisations to bid for cash to spend on large scale environmental projects in their area. The Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund aims to encourage landowners to co-operate with their neighbours and achieve environmental benefits they couldn’t reach on their own. Now in its third round, the […]

Birds not emused by hawkward turbine accidents

The renewable energy transition is posing significant threats to birdlife. That’s according to experts at the UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany, who say wind turbines in particular are causing problems for migratory bird species. Each year, millions of birds fly through Egypt’s Rift Valley and over the Red Sea as they travel between Europe and Africa, some […]