Cleaning products could be as polluting as vehicles!

Environmental scientist Colleen Rosales tells ELN commercial cleaners emit harmful small particles

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Do cleaning products emit the same pollutants as vehicles?

The answer is yes, according to Colleen Marciel Fontelera Rosales, Environmental Scientist at the University of California, Davis who spoke to ELN about the health implications of the use of products such as disinfectant sprays.

Dr Rosales said: “Our experiments showed that cleaning for an hour with some of these cleaning products is like you are breathing the same number of particles as if you were standing in a busy street for an hour or two.

“So, in that short amount of time, it’s almost equivalent to what you would get in the outdoor environment where you associate with burning particles or particles from vehicle exhaust.

The scientist added these particles could cause irritation to the upper respiratory system and some of them are linked to long-term cardiovascular diseases.

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