US proposes ‘strongest-ever’ pollution standards for cars and trucks

The proposals are predicted to save the average consumer $12,000 over the lifetime of a light-duty vehicle

Air we go again! Sadiq Khan braces for High Court battle over ULEZ expansion

London’s Mayor is determined to implement his ultra-low emission zone plans despite a legal challenge being given the go-ahead to proceed

Net zero transport upgrades set to drive £52bn productivity surge by 2030

To meet the 2030 emissions target, experts say that a reduction in overall car mileage of no less than 20% will be required

ULEZ cameras covered by bags and boxes in revenge attack!

Drivers in London have reportedly covered cameras used to enforce the Ultra Low Emission Zone in retaliation against the scheme

UK farming blamed for ‘more than a quarter of particle pollution in cities’

London, Birmingham and Leicester are hit by particle pollution created more from agriculture than other sources from the cities themselves, according to a new research

More green buses to hit UK streets

The government has committed £25 million to purchase an extra 117 buses to be rolled out in Yorkshire, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Hampshire

Nearly two-thirds of Londoners back ban on wood burners

Poll shows that across the UK, half of the people support a wood burner ban

London Mayor hits back at Boris over ULEZ expansion comments

Sadiq Khan has said he will not “take lectures” from the former Prime Minister over the ULEZ expansion plans

Boris Johnson labels Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion plan ‘mad’

He has vowed to “fight against” the plan, despite overseeing its original implementation

Wood burning stoves blamed for massive increase in UK’s toxic air pollution

Emissions of PM2.5 from domestic wood burning increased by 124% between 2011 and 2021, government data shows