Green light for 24MW solar farm in Oxfordshire

The Ducklington Solar Farm is expected to generate enough electricity to power around 7,800 homes

Big Zero Report 2022

Planning permission has been granted for a solar farm with an initial capacity of 24MW in Witney, Oxfordshire.

West Oxfordshire District Councillors voted unanimously to approve the Ducklington Solar Farm, being delivered by Innova Renewables and Novus Renewable Services.

The solar farm is expected to generate enough electricity to power around 7,800 homes, equivalent to around 16% of all households in the West Oxfordshire District.

The site is expected to become operational during the second half of 2023.

Innova and Novus are working in partnership to develop a fleet of renewable energy generation sites across the UK, working on a portfolio of 8GW of solar and battery storage with grid connections.

Ryan Adams, Director of Novus said: “Ducklington Solar Farm marks the first successful planning decision of what is likely to be a busy 2022 for Novus and Innova.

“Together, we are making significant progress in the rollout of renewable energy across the UK in our push for net zero and as part of this we expect to submit a further 15 solar and battery storage projects into the planning system during the remainder of the year, alongside four currently awaiting decision, each seeking to bring clean, lower cost energy onto the grid whilst providing myriad benefits to local communities.”

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