Netherlands ‘could face energy shortages by 2030’

The Dutch grid operator has highlighted the importance of sufficient available flexibility

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The Netherlands is likely to reach the point where its power generation will not be able to meet energy demand by 2030.

That’s according to a new report by the Dutch grid operator TenneT which suggests possible shortages can result from a further decrease in the production capacity of coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

Researchers say the increasing share of renewable generation means that the electricity system is becoming increasingly weather dependent.

Maarten Abbenhuis, Chief Operating Officer of TenneT, said: “In order to safeguard future security of supply, policy will have to focus in particular on flexibilisation of demand, development of storage and stimulation of adjustable generation capacity.

“Which sources of flexibility will be used to support the security of supply towards 2030 is open to discussion.

” At the same time, for example, the expansion of interconnection capacity with the UK or Scandinavia can make an important contribution to the security of supply in the years following 2030.”

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