‘The backbone of energy in the UK is gas’

So how can the pipes be restructured to fuel a greener future?

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“Five and half times more energy goes through the gas transmission pipes than the electricity system.”

That’s what Jon Butterworth, CEO of National Gas, had to say on whether gas is ‘redundant,’ as many people claim.

“You can never, ever have not have a gas going to our cities to support the population. We must repurpose our pipes to hydrogen but it’s got to be done in an orderly way so that people can afford it.”

It’s all about repurposing the pipes in place for the current gas network, he claims.

“There will be a future for gas and we want it to be hydrogen because the electric system cannot deliver five and half times more power. It hasn’t got the capability to do that.”

He explains that there isn’t a good enough understanding of how important gas is to the UK’s energy security.

“The backbone of energy in the UK is gas. We’ve done a spectacularly poor job in the past of talking about it. Without gas, there’s no electricity a lot of the time and there is no heat and hot water.”

How does the future of gas look and how can hydrogen be the answer?

Watch the full interview to find out.

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