Heat pump boom: ‘Europe’s emissions savings soar’

European buildings sector, led by France, has achieved significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions through the widespread adoption of heat pumps, according to a report

The buildings sector in Europe is achieving “record-breaking” reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to a surge in heat pump sales in 2022.

The European Heat Pump Association’s latest market report reveals that more than three million heat pumps were installed last year, bringing the total number to approximately 20 million.

These heat pumps are responsible for avoiding nearly 52.5 Megatonnes (Mt) of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is equivalent to Greece’s total annual emissions, according to the study.

Among European countries, France leads the way in terms of greenhouse gas savings through heat pumps, with over 16Mt avoided.

Germany and Italy follow, each surpassing 5Mt of emissions reduction.

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