UK’s road to net zero depends on collaboration, say auditors

A UK audit report stresses the vital role of collaboration between the UK and devolved governments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

UK company dives deep to sink carbon

A UK-based carbon removal company is conducting seaweed biomass sinking trials to assess the carbon removal potential of seaweed

Heat pump boom: ‘Europe’s emissions savings soar’

European buildings sector, led by France, has achieved significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions through the widespread adoption of heat pumps, according to a report

Scotland misses greenhouse gas emissions target

Scotland has failed to meet its greenhouse gas emissions target, marking the eighth time in 12 years that the legally binding target has been missed

Environmental watchdog intervenes in appeal against new oil wells in Surrey

The OEP has been allowed to intervene in a Supreme Court appeal, emphasising the significance of clarity in environmental law

US to inject $450m into clean energy projects on former coal mines

The projects will be designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new employment opportunities, and strengthen rural economies

“IPCC report highlights urgent need for more UK clean power”

The government has been urged to secure more clean power in this year’s renewable energy auction

IPCC final warning: Act now or face dire consequences

The IPCC Synthesis report will warn that urgent and sustained action is required in the 2020s to avert catastrophic consequences

National Grid introduces tech to fix leaks of greenhouse gas SF6

The solution is designed to futureproof key energy infrastructure against potential outages

UK emissions slashed by 3.4%

UK demand for coal is now the lowest it has been for 266 years, according to a report