UK household emissions ‘fell by 10% in 2020’

The UK saw the biggest single-year emissions drop since 1990, the Office for National Statistics said

Nearly 20 cattle firms ‘generate more emissions than Britain, Germany or France’

Meat production is forecast to increase by 40 million tonnes by 2029, according to a new research

Australia must ‘cut emissions 21 times faster than its current pace’

The Climate Council says Australia should target a 75% cut in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030

Eni to deliver ‘carbon-neutral’ LNG to Taiwan

The fuel will be sourced from the Bontang liquefaction terminal in Indonesia, with Eni claiming the emissions produced by the entire value chain of the LNG cargo will be offset

McDonald’s and eBay partner with Lightsource bp for US solar farm

The multinational giants have signed corporate power purchase agreements to power part of their US operations with solar

Net zero must be fair, say MPs

The government is criticised over its ‘insufficient’ public engagement practices around net zero

Eat smaller steaks to protect planet!

Sarah Bridle, Physics Professor at the University of Manchester, talked to ELN about how the size of our meals can have a big difference on carbon dioxide emissions

No more major public contracts to businesses without net zero goals

In a new policy shake-up, the government has announced authorities will take account carbon reduction plans of suppliers who bid for major public contracts

Heathrow Airport jets off with renewable fuel

The oil is claimed to be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions from flights by up to 80% compared to conventional aviation fuel

EU cut greenhouse gas emissions by 3.8% in 2019

That’s according to the latest data by the European Environment Agency, which suggests the decrease brought member states’ emissions to 24% below 1990 levels