ExxonMobil buys stake in Norwegian biofuels company

The oil major struck a deal that would enable it to buy three million barrels of biofuels a year

Government climate advisor talks about the pros and cons of direct air capture and BECCS

In the coming months, the Climate Change Committee may recognise that there are “big problems” with BECCS

Chicken run! Burger King introduces ‘UK’s first’ plant-based nuggets

The offering is expected to support the fast food chain’s goal to have half of its menu meat-free by 2030

US financial sector ‘is the world’s fifth largest polluter’

US banks have financed projects emitting nearly the same amount of CO2 as Russia’s annual net emissions

Morrisons declares war on emissions to make shopping baskets greener

The supermarket chain plans to work with its suppliers to reduce emissions across its supply chain by 30% by 2030

British pubs to serve net zero beers by 2026!

Budweiser Brewing Group is brewing a goal to hit net zero across its value chain by 2040

bp buys US EV fleet charging firm

The company aims to have a network of 70,000 EV charging points by 2030

European greenhouse gases soared in second quarter

Emissions jumped 18% last spring, according to Eurostat

COP26 Live: Fewer than half of Brits know what their cities are doing to reach net zero

Nearly 80% of Brits believe city leaders should have more powers to cut CO2 emissions, according to new research

UN makes a plea “to step up or face huge disruption”

The climate adaptation policies are still far behind and their cost could reach $300 billion a year by 2030, the UN Environment Programme estimates