Grid delays leave 1,300 UK clean power projects in limbo

Local authorities have warned that the delay in construction poses a significant risk to achieving net zero goals

More than a thousand clean energy projects, which have received planning permission, are currently in limbo, awaiting construction, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA warns that delays in addressing grid connection challenges pose a significant risk to achieving net zero goals.

The LGA notes that only 150 of the 1,300 approved schemes are currently under construction.

Solar and wind farms are among the projects affected, as communities face long wait times, ranging from years to decades, for clean energy implementation due to delays in connecting to the national grid.

For instance, plans for a solar farm in Coventry, despite being submitted, are unable to connect to the grid until 2028.

Similarly, in Dorset, securing grid connections for large scale renewable projects has become increasingly challenging, with some facing connection dates as late as 2036.

To address this issue, the LGA calls on the government to accelerate the pace of connecting energy schemes to the grid.

They also advocate for the development of local energy plans by councils, enabling shared investments and the establishment of local grids.

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