Ofgem launches investigation into non-domestic energy supplier

The energy regulator will investigate BES for potential overcharging of customers without contracts

Ofgem has initiated an investigation into the operations of BES Commercial Electricity Ltd and Business Energy Solutions Ltd, collectively known as BES.

The inquiry aims to determine whether BES is adhering to regulations designed to protect customers from unduly burdensome rates when they are not in a formal contract with an energy supplier but are still using energy.

Non-domestic utilities provider BES, headquartered in Lancashire, faces scrutiny regarding its compliance with Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 7.3.

This condition stipulates that when a customer is supplied under a deemed contract arrangement, the supplier must take all reasonable measures to ensure that the terms of these deemed contracts are fair and not excessively burdensome for the customers.

It is worth noting that the initiation of this investigation by Ofgem does not imply any prior findings of non-compliance on the part of BES.

The investigation is a standard procedure undertaken by the regulator to ensure that energy suppliers operate within the bounds of established regulations, safeguarding the interests of consumers.

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