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Ofgem’s new rules to protect businesses unveiled

The energy regulator has announced new regulation ensuring fair treatment, better dispute resolution and transparent fees for businesses in the non domestic energy sector

Ofgem has introduced new measures to protect businesses in the non domestic energy sector, aiming to improve customer service and transparency on broker fees.

The changes, effective from 1st July 2024, extend Standards of Conduct to all businesses, empower Ofgem to act against unfair treatment and require suppliers to direct micro business consumers to advisory services.

Further updates, anticipated by year-end, include displaying broker fees in contracts and enhancing Complaints Handling Standards for small business consumers.

The reforms follow concerns raised about high energy prices and poor service, identified through a joint investigation with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Tim Jarvis, Ofgem’s Director General for Markets, said: “Too many businesses have experienced issues with some energy suppliers, from difficulty getting the right contracts, unexplained price hikes, and poor customer service.

“We’ve worked hard to understand the breadth of issues and where the powers we have to tackle them can be improved. These new rules will help ensure businesses get the service they deserve.

“We will be speaking to businesses of all sizes as these rules come into force throughout this year to make sure they are being followed by suppliers. We will also continue to work with government, industry, and consumer groups to see what else can be done to support non-domestic consumers.”

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