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Museum struggles to keep lights on amid soaring energy bills

Llandudno Museum in Wales faces financial crisis due to escalating energy bills, prompting a public plea for support to safeguard its collection and future

Llandudno Museum in Wales faces significant financial strain due to escalating energy expenses.

Dependent on grant funding, the museum’s costs have increased fourfold, raising concerns about its financial viability.

Director Dawn Lancaster emphasised the seriousness of the situation, pointing to the museum’s annual energy bill of £35,000.

Despite efforts to conserve energy, ensuring stable conditions for its 9,000 artefacts remains a priority.

To tackle the issue, the museum has launched a public appeal to raise £80,000 by October to cover its operational expenses.

Trustees and volunteers have expressed worry, with Judith Phillips describing it as the most severe crisis during her 12-year tenure.

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